Women Are Speechless: These 6 Advices Helped Them Stop Their Period After Only 3 Days!

The menstrual cycle is every woman’s nightmare. If they could only press a magical button and make the unbearable pain go away… Although there is no magical button, there is a way to shorten the ache and make the period last shorter.

Follow these advices:

Drink a lot of water– Water is a crucial element in the removal of pain. It significantly decreases headaches as well as irritation caused by the menstrual cycle.


Take brufen pills– they will decrease the cramps and ease the pain.


Consume fruits and vegetables– the vitamins in fruits and vegetables are excellent in shortening the duration of the menstrual cycle. Also, they are very tasty!


Long and warm baths– Warm water will relax the muscles and shorten the duration of the bleeding.


Swim– With swimming, you strengthen all the body muscles and the movements will reduce the pain.


Use natural medicines– there is nothing better than herbal tea to shorten the duration of the pain caused by the menstrual cycle.



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