7 Skin Infections That We Ignore Because We Think They Are Pimples, But They Are NOT: The Fourth One Is The Most Dangerous One!

  1. Blackheads


Blackheads are opposite of pimples. Unlike pimples that appear as a result of inner accumulation of toxins, blackheads appear due to toxins that entered the skin from outside.

  1. Ingrown hairs


This is not a pimple, but an ingrown hair. The hair is trapped inside.

  1. Acid


If you your skin came into contact with acid, there will be a reaction on the skin, similar to a pimple. But it is not!

  1. Black widow spider bite


This is a skin reaction of a spider bite, not a pimple. You must immediately go to the hospital.

  1. Oral herpes


Herpes appears because of weakened immunity and must not be confused with pimples.

  1. Flea bite


This type of rashes can occur on the skin if you were bitten by a flea.

  1. Scarred tissue


Scars on the skin because of an injury or a burn can sometimes appear similar to pimples. However, they are not.


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