Objects That Attract Unhappiness And Poverty: Never Keep These Objects In Your Home!

Cluttered living spaces create bad energy vibes. However, excessive neatness is not the solution. In fact, balance is crucial for good vibes in your home. If you constantly feel as if you want to leave your room, you may need to ennoble the space and cheer it up with details that will attract you and your guests to stay. If there is balance in your home, then good energy will be all over. Moreover, a space needs to make you want to return again.

Excessive earth colors, a brown carpet for example, in the center of your home reminds of past events.  Glass walls, and glass surfaces in general, are related to nature and exterior, but you need to be cautious, since too much glass can cause tiredness, and lead to injuries if the glass brakes. What’s more, keep only banknotes in glass bowls. Black money bowls are a good choice for more fortune, both external and internal. What the bowls contain is what you will have throughout life.

Paintings in the home

A painting of an old man suggests longevity.

A waterfall painting helps you have a successful carrier.

A painting with fiery colors helps you become more respected.

A painting of young and green trees encourages abundance.

A phoenix painting creates a clear path in life.

A painting of rainbow makes people happy and its seven spectacular shiny colors will bring magic and a new, more beautiful life.

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