Doctors Advise To Regularly Check The Skin Between The Toes: The Reason Is Rather Disturbing! (Video)

Malignant skin tumor, known as melanoma, is third on the list of most frequent causes of death in the world. Some skin spots can be the cause of melanoma due to exposure to UV rays or solarium treatments. You can see some of the melanoma shapes on the photo below. These are skin spots that have changed their shape, and newly developed skin changes as well.


Often times, skin spots are located in body areas that we rarely pay attention to, for example, the intimate areas or the space between the toes. Additionally, we forget to do self examination to track for any color, shape, or size change of the spots. Doctors have formulated a so-called ABCDE scheme that can help you analyze any changes in skin spots on your own:


  • Asymmetrical- the skin spot is no longer round but asymmetrical

  • Borders- the ends of the skin spot change

  • Color- the skin spot changes color and even bleeds

  • Dimension- the skin spot increases. In fact, any skin spot larger than 6 mm needs to be examined by a professional!

  • Evolution- the skin spot completely changes its look. Dimension, color, and shape of the skin spot are totally different than before.

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Cautiousness is crucial! Therefore, you must follow these rules:


  1. Avoid excessive exposure to UV rays

  2. Wear sunglasses and hats as well as lightly colored clothes that are believed to reject sun rays to some extent

  3. Regularly apply sunscreen with a SPF

  4. Always examine your skin spots and track any changes

  5. Educate yourself, but also your friends, about the dangers of melanoma


Take a look at this educative commercial for protection from melanoma. Your heart will probably melt when you see these two actors:

Use these minutes to examine all suspicious skin spots on your body. Prevention is always better than cure. Don’t you agree?

Video by: LaRochePosayUSA

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