This Is Why You Need To Pour Warm Water In Ice Cube Trays Instead Of Cold! VIDEO

Although this may not sound logical at all, this is the quickest way to get the perfect ice cubes. When you make ice cubes, you usually pour cold water into the tray, and then you put the tray into the freezer and wait for hours until the cubes freeze.

However, half a century ago, a student from Tanzania proved that this is actually wrong, that is, we should use warm water, instead of cold, as it will freeze quicker. This phenomenon is known as Mpemba effect that got its name from its creator Erasto Mpemba, who in 1969, after noticing that warm ice cream freezes quicker than cold one, published a work on this issue.

Nevertheless, no one can explain why warm water freezes quicker than cold although there are some theories. Some claim that it is because warm water evaporates quicker, thus, its volume decreases and it turns into ice quicker. Others believe that when cold water is used, a layer on the surface of the liquid is created and it behaves as an isolator, thus, slowing down the process of freezing.

Therefore, next time you need ice cubes, try out the Mpemba method and pour warm water into the tray. However, the water should not be hot or boiling since this could have a negative effect on your fridge’s electromotor or the freezer.

Video by: QuestionusEruptus

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