If You Have The Two Back Dimples, A Lot Of People Will Appreciate You A Lot- Here Is Why!

Dimples of Venus are small indentations in the lower part of the back in both women and men. When men have them, they are called Dimples of Apollo. They are located in the area where the two bones of the pelvis connect and are visible only in people who have the genetic predisposition or the appropriate size of ligaments. Unfortunately, we cannot choose having them or not, since it is a result of genetics, but those who have them should be lucky, because many people find this characteristic very sexy. Moreover, these dimples are a sign of good circulation and healthy body, circulation being an important pre condition for achieving orgasms.

Can dimples form during one’s lifetime?


Since the Venus dimples are located where there are no muscles, it is impossible to make them with some exercises, but if you work on eliminating surplus fat, these dimples could become more visible.

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People around the world are obsessed with this bodily characteristic. Moreover, there is a group and a page on Facebook where photos of Venus’s dimples are being shared.


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