The Teeth of This Three Year Old Child Are Literally Eaten Up! The Reason is Something that Your Children Consume Frequently! –Parents, Be Careful

Drinks and ingredients which contain sugar have an abundance of calories and are automatically bad for our health. The increased number of children experiencing problems with their teeth is due to malnutrition. According to statistics, around 42% of children between the age of 2 and 11 have damaged baby teeth.

The parents of this three year old boy took him to the dentist because his teeth were literally eaten up by sugar. However, if you thought that non alcoholic drinks without sugar are a better choice, you are wrong! These drinks also contain high amount of sugar. The case of this child from New Zealand, as many other similar ones, point out that we regularly allow our children to drink sodas, without being aware that we risk their lives. Unfortunately, the dentist had to remove 11 teeth since they were almost dissolved by the sugar.

Additionally, according to Dr. Robert Beaglehole, in the last couple of years there has been an increase in the number of this type of problems. Therefore, he addresses all parents to give their children only milk and water to drink in the first couple of years of their lives. Furthermore, society needs to become more aware and involved.

For example, in almost all schools, children are mostly given drinks filled with sugar, or they are surrounded by fast food restaurants. Look at the photo and see the amount of sugar we intake through food… Also, take a look at the video so that you can teach your children that this is a problem that should not be neglected and can have negative consequences.

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