Connect Your Thumb With Your Little Finger: If You Can See These Tendons On Your Hand, It Means Something Very Special!

People or Homo sapiens, exist for more than 200000 years. Previously, a lot of time and evolutionary steps were needed to get where we are now. A prove of this continued development is still visible in some people nowadays, since there are some indicators of evolution on our bodies.. These are some of the most interesting examples:

  1. Joint tendons– Place your arm on a table with the palms upwards. Connect the little finger and the thumb and raise the palm slightly. In some people the tendon will be visible, whereas in some not. The reason for the visibility of this tendon is the Palmaris longus muscle. This muscle is found between the upper arm and the wrist. Although the muscle is used for joint movement, it is no longer needed in the modern age we are living in, and so it is not visible in 13% of today’s population. It is interesting that the lack of this muscle does not affect the strength and has no negative effects.
  2. Pink dot in the corner of the eye– Have you ever wondered why is there a pink dot in the corner of the eye? Although almost everyone has this dot, it has no function. It is a mark of the so called third eyelid. It is usually present in reptiles when their eyes are closed as a protective layer of the eye. Even though we no longer depend on the protection from the third eyelid since the lashes have appeared, this mark of the evolution remained.
  3. Ear movement- Nowadays, ear wiggling is just seen as a trick, but centuries ago, it had a very important role. When this was done, the hearing was sharpened, and people were able to locate sounds in their surroundings better, and thus, recognize possible dangers. Animals that still use this phenomenon are cats.
  4. Wisdom teeth- Did you have your wisdom teeth removed? Then you probably have wondered what their purpose is, since they grow only to bother you. The answer is in the past, when people ate more weeds and roots and had to chew more and better. The softer and easier the food became, the smaller the jaw became. Monkeys and primates do not have wisdom teeth anymore, but gorillas, which are vegetarians, still do.
  5. Goosebumps– If we feel cold or simply get Goosebumps because of some other feeling, there are dots on our skin and our hairs are literally lifted upwards. But why so? When people still had fur, Goosebumps had a function. When the hairs rose, more heat was stored, and if people were scared or in danger, they looked bigger and more dangerous for possible attackers. This can be noticed in domestic cats, but in many other animals as well.

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