3 Minute Instant Lifting Serum (Botox Without Any Needles!)

The 3 minute instant lifting serum by Erase Cosmetics is a luxurious product manufactured in New York and exclusively distributed to prestige beauty salons and perfume shops in most countries around the world. This serum is a high quality product with an immediate effect, i.e. removes the wrinkles from the face and neck in only 3 minutes after the application. Furthermore, it fills any indentations and strengthens the atrophied and dry skin, strengthens the capillaries and raises the eyebrows, thus making the face entirely contoured. What’s more, the tonus and the freshness are visibly improved. Additionally, 3 days after the application of the serum, the face becomes equally toned and looks healthier, fresher, and younger.

The serum is used:

  • As a quick solution for a face that shows early signs of fatigue and dryness, when the usual skin care products are not helpful.
  • As an alternative for plastic surgery for people who want to avoid exposure to risky operations or Botox injections
  • As a finish product in cosmetic treatments for optimal results

This luxurious serum is based on a natural collagen and it is enriched with exclusive ingredients in a level that is rarely achieved in other similar products. The effects can be seen right after the application and last from 8 to 10 hours. Frequent application of the serum is harmless for the skin, and also helps maintain a younger look. According to experts, due to these ingredients, this serum is revolutionary and leading product in the fight against wrinkles and aging. Moreover, it is the favorite product of celebrities. The product is clinically and pharmaceutically controlled, hypoallergenic, and certified according the highest world standards.

This video shows the amazing effects of the serum:


Video by:Erase Cosmetics

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