A Revolutionary Cure For Insomnia: Put THIS Under Your Tongue Before You Go To Sleep And You Will Sleep 8 Hours Straight Without Waking Up! RECIPE

Sugar and salt- not a very popular combination, but if you suffer from insomnia, it can be more than good for you! Although these ingredients should not be consumed in excessive amounts, a moderate intake can lead to numerous benefits: improving the metabolism and elimination of headaches and insomnia. The increased level of serotonin coming from these substances has an accentuated anti-stress effect. Therefore, try this recipe:


1 teaspoon of sea salt

5 teaspoons of brown sugar

The relation between the salt and sugar has to be 1:5. Mix the ingredients well and put them in a glass jar.


Before going to sleep, take a small amount of the mixture and put it under your tongue. It will gradually melt in your mouth and the sodium from the salt will enable proper cells’ breathing and encourage energy production. In the same time, the glucose from the sugar reacts as a reliable addition of energy to the cells. All in all, these two ingredients are a powerful tool in the fight against insomnia, but also stress, which negatively affects the metabolism’s balance and prevents relaxation during nighttime.

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