These Are the Colors you Need to Wear if You Want to Look Slimmer

In order to look good, we need to adjust our clothes and their colors to our figure. It is known that black and darkish colors make us look slimmer, but it is important to know other tricks as well, and to know which color best fits your body figure.

If you belong to that group of people who have bodies in the shape of an apple, then the color and model of clothes needs to hide the waist-the biggest problem. In order to do this, wear darker shirts, and lighter tones for the lower body part. This combination will solve your problem and your stomach will be less visible. For people whose bodily shapes reminds of a pear, with accented hips and buttocks more than the upper part of the body, darker pants and lighter outfit for the upper part are recommended. However, avoid the combination of black pants or skirt and white shirt. Wear other lighter colors or something with folds which will rebalance your body figure. White T-shirts, pastel nuances and colorful shirts must be avoided if you have bigger breasts. Instead, wear darkish blue or emerald green colors of the upper outfit.


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