What She Poured THIS Onto Her Hair It Had A Better Effect Than Any Other Shampoo! The Best Part Is That We All Have This Product At Home!

Our grandmothers swore by this beverage. For centuries, there has existed a myth for the strange power of beer to solve the problem of thin and lifeless hair. Moreover, it makes it softer, shinier and stronger. Even science agrees with this fact since beer is rich in proteins and vitamins, natural barley and hops, whose nutrients will help you have a healthier hair:


Beer rich in barley and hops

Egg yolks

Cook the beer, cool it off, and then mix it with the yolk.

Then, slowly pour the beer on the hair root, as well as the hair ends, since it is great for renewal of damaged ends as well. Leave it for 3 to 4 minutes, and then wash off with cold water. When you pass through your hair with your fingers you will be pleasantly surprised! For sure!

Video by: Nikole Skyes

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