Duct Tape for Removing Warts – This Treatment is Backed by Science

Do not waste time on expensive products for warts removal when a simple electrical tape will do the job.

Warts are skin growths caused by HPV virus which has more than 100 types. Most of them result in benign growths, whereas in other cases, further complications can arise. So, simple warts can be easily removed, believe it or not, with a simple electrical type! This is a proven method, but it does not work overnight. Since warts are viral diseases, warts can spread on other body parts or even on someone else. Therefore it is not a bad idea to isolate them, and there is no better tool for this than electrical type.

It is pretty simple method; you just need to be persistent. Glue a piece of the type over the wart and keep it for six days straight. Of course, change the tape as needed, but do not allow the wart to “breathe”. After six days, soak the wart in water for 10 minutes and rub it with a pumice stone. Furthermore, repeat this process until the wart completely disappears, and depending on the size, it can take up to 2 months. In a research, electrical tape proved better than cryotherapy. Moreover, the scientists compared the success of wart removal and the electrical tape was successful in 85 % of the cases, whereas the cryotherapy in only 60%.

Take a look at the video!


Video by: Jerry M

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