Corn Flour: No Sugar And No Gluten- This Is Why It Is Good For Consumption

Corn muffins, corn bread and similar corn flour meals need to be part of your daily nutrition and ths is why!

Corn flour is produced from grounded corn seeds and it can be found in stores in numerous forms. It is used in the preparation of a wide range of specialities and besides the great taste it provides to meals, corn flour is also very healthy!

Whole grain flour

Corn flour contains carbohydrates but these are the so called “good” carbohydrates. This whole grain flour contains complex carbohydrates, fiber and other nutritients which prevent diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and some cancer types. Only 100 grams of corn flour contain more than 7 grams of fiber and less than a gram of sugar. Therefore, corn flour is a great choice if you want to lose surplus kilograms and maintain a good health.

Gluten free

Since it does not contain gluten, corn flour is a great ingredient for people who are gluten intolerant, according to The flour can be used instead of wheat flour in the preparation of various rolls.

Vitamins and minerals

Whole grain corn flour is a great source of many3 minerals and vitamins which are essential for the proper functioning of our organism. In 100 grams of corn four there are 18 essential amino acids, 127 miligrams of magnesium, 241 milligrams of phosphoral and 287 milligrams of potassium. Also, corn flour is rich in niacin, holinim, folic acid and vitamins B6, B1, A, E and K.

You can prepare numerous delicious and healthy meals with the help of corn flour such as corn bread, corn pudding, muffins, etc.

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