You Have Been Wrong All The Time! This Is Why We Must Not Brush Our Teeth Immediately After A Meal!

Maintain the whiteness of the teeth and their health with proper hygiene!

Dentists usually recommend washing our teeth immediately after a meal, however, the mechanisms in the human body function more complexly, so the body needs to have space in order to perform its necessary functions.

As you may already know, we need to wash our teeth at least twice per day, after breakfast and before going to bed. Dr. Howard R. Gamble, president of the Academy of General Dentistry, conducted a research together with his team which showed that washing teeth in the first half an hour after a meal or a drink makes the teeth prone to caries. In this period, besides acid reflux, the teeth enamel is highly sensitive and therefore brushing may damage it, especially after consuming meals that contain sugar or acid, sweets and fruits.  Some ingredients such as beetroot and blueberries contain a lot of polyphenols which protect the organism from numerous diseases, but also change teeth color. Moreover, you will additionally damage your teeth if you wash them right after consuming these fruits. Instead, wait for a while and leave the saliva glands to do their function- degradation of the bacteria and acid in the mouth, and then you can brush your teeth freely. Furthermore, when brushing your teeth, be sure to do circular movements with the toothbrush, since this will enable you to remove the harmful bacteria between the gums and teeth.

Teeth hygiene is crucial for your health and it also requires regular dentist consultations.

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