The Cost Of Modern Life: Our Bones Are Weaker For 20 %!

Unlike our ancestors, who were physically more active and had healthier bone structure, the contemporary people’s bone density, thanks to passivism, decreased for 20%.

According to a group of scientists, people have lost 20% of the bone density in the lower extremities since agriculture has developed, around 12000 years ago, as stated in Tanjug on the 24th of December 2014.

Million years before this happened, people practiced hunting and gathering which are activities that require a greater physical readiness.

Hunter gatherers, who lived 7000 years ago, had stronger bones and joints as the Neanderthal, human species extinguished 28000 years ago or as the chimpanzee, according to the study published in the PNAS. In comparison to these two examples, the farmers who inhabited the same areas before 1000 years ago had far more weaker bones.

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