This Is The Reason Why Acnes Consistently Reappear!

Precisely when you thought that you have removed the acnes once and for all, they reappear. But, do you know the reason for their reappearance? 

These are some of the main reasons:

  1. You were not persistent enough

Skipping routines for facial care can be harmful for your skin. Persistence is crucial in the fight against acnes and cleaning your face must always be the first step of your regime. Always remove makeup before going to sleep, according to Novi.

  1. Poor eating habits

What you consume is seen on your face. You can consume all the vitamins, antioxidants and minerals of this world, but if your organism also contains processed foods, this “garbage” has to find a way out of your body. Usually, this is through the pores.

  1. Linens

If you do not change your linens regularly, no matter how clean your face is, you are putting it to a pillow filled with bacteria. Various experts advise that the pillow case needs to be replaced with another one every other night, and the face towel needs to be changed every day.

  1. Hydration

Choose a cream that is adapted to your skin type and apply from it regularly every night and morning. The other serums and gels are less important since the hydrating cream is the one which maintains your face skin healthy.

  1. Irregular pilling

You need to regularly do a pilling (once or twice weekly) in order to avoid bacteria, dead cells and sebum pilling up in your pores.

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