This Man Drank 3 Liters Of Coca Cola Every Day. Here Is How He Looks A Month Later!

George Prior is 50 years old and leads a very healthy lifestyle. He eats regularly and works out. Also, he decided to conduct an experiment and show the effect on his body caused by his everyday consumption of Coca Cola to the world. All the time he was controlling his weight and blood sugar.

He gained 3, 6 kg after 9 days. He neither drank nor ate anything else besides Coca Cola. His BMI doubled up the fifteenth day! He had a terrible headache the 21st day and could not sleep. By drinking ten Coca Cola cans he filled his organism with half kilogram of sugar. After a month these were the results:

  1. He gained 10,4 kg
  2. BMI grew up for 60 percent
  3. The blood sugar level was drastically increased
  4. The blood pressure increased from 129/77 to 143/96. He was very close to serious cardiovascular diseases.

After finishing the experiment, he felt anxiety and an unrestrained desire to eat something sweet. If you have not figured out how harmful Coca Cola is, these facts will surely convince you!


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