You Have A Persistent Pain In Your Heels? You May Suffer From Plantar Fasciitis! This Is How You Can Get Rid Of The Pain

What is plantar fasciitis?

Calcar calcanei is a bulge on the heel bone mostly downwardly positioned and this is considered to be a reactive creation of bones due to chronic mechanical overload which inflames during walking and then causes ache. This is mostly the case in elders and people who stand a lot because of their jobs. This condition is characterized with a sharp pain in the middle of the heel. Painful symptoms appear in the first steps after sleep or prolonged sitting in the heel area or in the inside surface of the heel. This pain can be so persistent that people feel as if a nail is piercing their heels. Moreover, traditional methods of healing are far more efficient than any store bought ointments.

We have tried several methods which proved as efficient. We recommend them to all of those who have this problem.

-The simplest cure is to slowly hit the heel onto the floor several times per day since this increases the circulation and calcium metabolism and prevents salt piling.

-Potato compress also helps with the pain. You need to wash the potato and ground it together with the peel. Apply from the mixture onto a gauze and apply it to the heel. Wrap a nylon bag and put on socks. Change the compress on a daily basis and this treatment lasts around 7 to 8 days.

-Honey and salt compress. Mix honey and salt in the same proportion (1:1) and apply onto the heel. Then put a piece of gauze, and put a plaster and wrap it with a nylon bag. Put on socks and sleep with them. Apply these compresses each night. After only few treatments you will feel less pain. The treatment should last 10 days after which the pain will disappear completely.

-A healing tincture with aspirin.  Ground 10 aspirin pills (200 mg) and mix them with 250 ml of Alcohol (or medicinal alcohol from 70 percent) and leave it like that for 1 to 2 days. Mix the tincture each night and soak a piece of gauze in it. Put the gauze onto the heel, wrap it with nylon gauze and put on a sock. Wear it through the night and in the morning wash it off and apply some oily feet cream. After 10 treatments the feet and heels will be free from rough skin. Also, you can cleanse the feet with a brush or a pumice stone and afterwards apply cream.

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