Parasites ‘’EAT’’ The Body – This is How To Clean your Organism from Parasites

The digestion enzyme found in the milky juice of the unripe papaya is a powerful agent for destroying roundworms. You take one teaspoon of fresh juice from unripe papaya and equal dosage of honey and mix it with three to four teaspoons of boiled water. This is the dosage for adults. After two hours, you take a dosage from 30 to 60 ml beaver oil mixed with 250 to 375ml of warm milk. This treatment should be repeated two days if needed. A half of these dosages are given to children between seven and ten years old. For children less than three years old, one teaspoon of the cure is enough.

The papaya seed is also useful for the same purpose. The papaya is rich in curacin which is an efficient cure for roundworms. This seed should be milled and taken into dosages of one teaspoon with one cup of milk or water every morning on an empty stomach. The alkaloid carpaine located in the papaya leaves has the ability to destroy the bowel worms. You make a mixture from 250 ml of boiled water and 15 grams of dry papaya leaves with honey.

The peel from the root and stem of the pomegranate is known for its anthelmintic capabilities of destroying the parasite worms. The peel from the root contains a large amount of the alkaloid punicine as opposed to the peel of this plant. This alkaloid is very toxic for taenia. You make a cold extract from the fresh peel, and the daily intake should be from 90 to 180 ml three times a day, in an interval of one hour for adults. The purgative, which is used for cleansing is given after every last dose. The dosage for children is from 30 to 60 ml. This extract is very useful in destroying taenia.

Ripe pumpkin seeds are very helpful in bowel worms, especially taenia. One teaspoon of the seed should be peeled and milled and 250 ml of boiled water is added and than you drink this mixture. This destroys the parasites and removes the taenia. A one day diet is needed so that the stomach and the bowel are cleansed. You only drink a juice from dry prune. The next day, you drink three to four glasses of pumpkin seed juice.

Vasaka’s leaves, peel, the root peel and the flower help in the removal of bowel parasites. The extract from this root and peel is prepared by boiling 30 grams of the root and the peel in half a liter of water until the water is lowered to one third. You take 30 ml of this dosage two or three times a day in a period of two to three days. The juice from the fresh leaves can be used in dosages from one teaspoon, three times a day in a period of three days.

These are some of the worst parasites that can inhabit the human body:

 Loa Loa

This parasite can enter through any opening and it travels the bloodstream to the eyes where it stays.


This parasite is attracted by the ammoniac in the urine. It enters through the urine in the genitalia where it causes a lot of infections.

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