Parasites ‘’EAT’’ The Body – This is How To Clean your Organism from Parasites


They live in the bowel tract and lungs and are the most common parasites in the United States. The main symptom of this worm is rectal scratching especially during the night when the parasite goes in the anus and nests eggs which causes the scratching. What’s more, while you scratch yourself, the eggs are so tiny that they cling on your nails and then you spread them to whatever you touch. They can nest everywhere. Maintaining hygiene is crucial for such a problem.


It can enter through undercooked meat, especially beef, pork and fish. The most common taenia in USA is the beef taenia which can grow from 15 to 20 meters in the bowel.

Hookworms and threadworms:

They are often found in the soil or in the sand and they can enter the body through skin holes on your bare feet even if you do not have open wounds. Also, they can enter through the mouth if you eat food with dirty hands and through contaminated water for drinking or directly through the legs. Therefore, always wear shoes when you go outside. These are unique worms that can live for several years and the eggs can incubate to 10 years.


They live in the stomach and bowel and these worms enter through undercooked or contaminated food. Always clean your hands after you have touched your pets. These worms are most common in children. Furthermore, they can leave the bowel and inhabit other parts of the body causing diseases such as pneumonia, hepatitis or seizures.

Natural cures for parasites:

Since a long time ago, garlic has been a popular parasite killer. If you want to clean and protect your organism you should eat at least one bulb a day. While cleaning your organism, drink a lot of water since after the parasites are killed, they harm the body with their decomposition and therefore a lot of liquid is needed so that they are eliminated from the organism more quickly.

The coconut is an old cure for destroying all types of bowel worms. You should take one teaspoon of freshly milled coconut in the morning together with 30 to 60 ml of beaver oil and mixed with 250 to 375 ml of warm milk after three hours. This process is repeated until the organism if fully healed.

The carrots are very useful for removing threadworms among children. Children are not resistant enough to these parasites. You should take half a glass of crushed carrot every morning, without adding other food in the meal and this will destroy the threadworms.

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