Parasites ‘’EAT’’ The Body – This is How To Clean your Organism from Parasites

A lot of people are unaware of the influence of the parasites on their overall health. Additionally, over 80 percent of patients have some kind of a parasite or bacteria. All people carry them in themselves and according to researches conducted; an average American has at least half a kilo of parasites. Parasites take over the vitamins and minerals from the body and in return release toxins that are negative for the organism.

From time to time or all the time, parasites inhabit the organism and the consequences can vary from little changes in behavior to significant pathological tissue changes and to death in some cases. Furthermore, the presence of the parasites in one’s body is 92 percent. Each and everyone has parasites and no matter how protected you think you are by being hygienic, you cannot entirely protect yourself.

There are several ways in which the parasites can enter the body:

  • unwashed or poorly washed vegetables and fruits
  • insufficient thermally processed meat and fish
  • pets ( by touching or caressing cats and dogs and through their feces- the possibility for children to be infected with toxoplasmosis from cats is 100 percent)
  • the air ( all animal feces are transmitted through the air)
  • unclean hands,
  • dirty money
  • Bathing in seas, lakes, pools (parasites enter through the skin)

‘’One from every four people in the world is infected with roundworms which cause fever, cough and bowel problems. One fourth of the people in the world have hookworms that can lead to anemia and abdominal ache. Another third of one billion people suffer from abdominal pain and diarrhea caused by whipworms.’’

Parasite infection symptoms can be:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Anal and vulvar scratching,
  • lack of sleep,
  • casual wetting in bed in children
  • most abdominal pain and colitis
  • liver damages

Bowel worms symptoms:


-bad breath

-increased appetite

-fatigue followed by lack of sleep


-black circles under the eyes

Round worms symptoms:

-bowel inflammation

– vomit


-weight loss




Threadworms symptoms:

-intensive scratching around the rectum area

-periodical diarrhea followed by constipation

-weight loss



Hookworms’ symptoms:

  • anemia
  • eating disorder

There are several types of parasite worms which live in the human bowel and the most common ones are: pinworms, taenia, hookworms and roundworms.


This is a rare parasite condition in people. In some cases, it appears as one worm in the lungs, although the name suggests that they appear in the heart. These worms cannot be spread from one animal to another or from one human to another, but it can be spread through mosquitoes.


It can enter the body through baked beef, fish or pork meat. They live in the upper bowel tract. Therefore, using gloves and thorough washing of the meat is recommended.


They irritate the intestinal cover which leads to bad nutrient absorption. Worm symptoms are usually diarrhea, hunger, and loss of appetite, weight loss, and anemia. Diagnosis is made with stool testing. Then, the percent of damage can be determined according to the worm type, its size and also the number of worms in the body.

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