3 Reasons Why You Should Not Throw Away the Juice from the Jar With Pickles

When you eat pickles do not throw the sour juice away, but put it in your favorite meal or cocktail.

 A drink after workout

The liquid with vinegar in it is full with electrolytes and therefore you can freely drink it after a hard workout without any other supplements. In this way you will regain a good part from the valuable elements that you lost while you were sweating. Furthermore, this juice is a great source of potassium and prevents the convulsion of the muscles. Carefully divide the liquid from the garlic and other spices used when the juice was made, when you prepare the sour juice.

 Replacement for vinegar

This is a lighter type of vinegar which you can use for green salads, potato salads and boiled eggs. It can be also used for marinating meat.


 The sour liquid can be used for a cocktail. You can add it in martini instead of the olive juice which is usually used. Also, the juice from the pickles is a great cure for hangover.

Source:Healthy Food House





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